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Pay Per Click Workshop

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is a very effective way of promoting your company on the internet. Unlike traditional advertising where you pay a set price upfront, for example when advertising in a magazine, internet Pay per Click advertising works on a payment by results basis. Running an effective PPC campaign can substantially increase your sales and the number of visitors to your website.

Spend just 60 minutes on the IRUN Free Pay Per Click workshop, and you will find out how to set up and implement your own PPC campaigns. From determining the keywords, setting your budgets and managing your campaign, this FREE workshop is one not to be missed.

This online workshop is a FREE, real-time, tutored session with a Questions & Answers section.

To find out more, or to reserve your place on the Pay per Click Workshop contact us or alternatively, phone 01865 920 003 for further information.


"Thank you for the online pay-per-click meeting - such a lot of information to take in but it all made sense.Excellent delivery, very well put across and explained. This was my first ever conference workshop and I was unsure of how to start.After phoning irun the day before one of the presenters (Andrew Allen) took me through the 'signing in' procedure which was very useful and made me feel more confident. Although the subject matter was new to me I found that the way it was presented easy to follow.

The PowerPoint presentation and live screen graphics with Karen explaining the thinking behind each page I found totally absorbing. At the first opportunity I asked Karen if I could have a copy of the presentation as my concentration on the screen meant that I could not take notes. Karen explained the subject clearly and did not assume that the participants had prior knowledge of the subject.

The phone commentary was clear and the screen was explained thoroughly and thoughtful, not at all rushed. We were able to add our comments at times and the way the whole workshop worked amazed me. Thank you for a hour well spent - I look forward to the other workshops in the series."

Elizabeth Clegg, A Plan for Working Ltd

"Your Pay Per Click seminar is excellent. I recommend it to any public relations practitioners who want to understand online marketing and the best strategies for PPC campaigns."

Sue Malleson, Taurus Public Relations


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop this morning on Pay Per Click Advertising. The structure and content was extremely relevant and very easy to follow and I would highly recommend that anyone who is thinking about PPC should run through this workshop first. Specifically I found the information useful with regard to not only ensuring that you use the right keywords in your ad words campaign but also the reason why you want people to visit your site and what they should do once they get there. I can see that I could have spent a lot of money unnecessarily if I hadn’t taken part in this workshop first." Angela MacAusland, am:pm PA

"Brilliant! By implementing the ideas and suggestions from the IRUN Pay Per Click workshop we have reduced our costs by 45% and now have much more targeted traffic to our website. Combined with the understanding of how we can use Google Analytics to monitor our sites performance I feel much more in control of our website and online marketing activity. It was also reassuring to know that a lot of the ideas I wanted to implement on the 'The Nice Cream Company' website were sensible and should help increase our rankings within Google. I now feel that when I sit down with our web designer he won't be blinding me with science and I will have an understanding of what I need and what is achievable. Thanks again!" <

Nicola & Fay, The Nice Cream Company

"I have found the free workshops to be really helpful and they have given me a great deal of practical advice. One of the key issues for me was trying to improve the levels of traffic without spending a fortune. The workshops helped with this and with many other areas I hadn’t even thought of before. Thank you for your help so far and I look forward to the rest of the series."

Dominic Rose


These FREE workshops are run on a rotation basis every Thursday between 10.00 - 10.30am

Places are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Numbers are limited, so book your place here for this very popular workshop today.