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FREE Online Copywriting Workshop

Copywriting is the term used to describe the writing of the words on business or advertising materials.In the case of your website, it is the copy or content, the words you actually use, which will ultimately sell your products or services. Simply put, your copy is your salesperson in print.

Creating effective copy is not only an important factor for your website, but good copy is essential when promoting your business online, whether it be email marketing or through social media.

During this FREE workshop, your trainer will take you through a series of logical steps to help you with your copywriting techniques.You will learn how to recognise the difference between features and benefits, understand what a ‘call to action’ is, and how to write the content of your website to get the maximum benefit.

Book your place to take part in the FREE online Copywriting Workshop today. Alternatively, phone IRUN now on 01865 920 003

This online workshop is a FREE, real-time, tutored session with a Questions & Answers section.